GemCore based PC/SC reader drivers

Description: Gemplus GemCore Reader Driver for Linux MUSCLE PC/SC driver

This library provides PC/SC IFD handler implementation for Gemplus GemCore based serial and USB smart cards readers.

Serial readers:


USB readers:


Those drivers are needed to communicate with the Gemplus smartcard readers through the PC/SC Lite resource manager.

Source download:

14 December 2017, version 1.0.8



The files in GemPC410/ are under GNU General Public Licence.

The files in GemPC430/ are under a BSD-like licence (except main.c which is under GPL but is not needed to build the driver).

The files in common/ are under a double licence BSD-like and GNU General Public Licence. except the files ifdhandler.c, ifdhandler.h and pcscdefines.h which are originally written by David Corcoran and are under the BSD-like licence.

That means that the GemPC 410 driver is under GNU General Public Licence, and that the GemPC 430 driver is the BSD-like licence or the GNU General Public Licence at your choice.

Supported platforms:

GemPC410, 412, 413, 415 (serial reader)

GemPC430, 432, 435 (USB reader)

Available binaries:

The drivers are also available as Debian Project packages libgempc410 and libgempc430


These documentations comes from the Muscle web site. They are old but I do not have more up to date documentations.